The Podiatry Team

Here at Sunnybank, we host the Bradford District Care Foundation Trusts Podiatry team so that patients can access this in a local setting rather than having to travel to the hospitals.
The Podiatry Team are all state registered practitioners.

They provide a full range of services throughout Primary Care and the Acute Hospital Service

If you wish to make an appointment with the Podiatry Team, please make an appointment to see one of the Doctors who will gladly refer you.

If you wish to alter an existing appointment you can contact the Podiatry Team at Horton Park on 01274 251777 who manage the podiatry appointments at SunnyBank Medical Centre.

The Podiatrist are able to assess, diagnose, and treat disorders of the foot. Podiatry links with general disease. This may include diagnosis of previously undiagnosed condition, or to check the extent of a known condition. The Podiatrist will advise on prevention of foot problems, and give advise on the prevention of foot problems, and give advice on the appropriate care of the feet.

Who do we see?

The Podiatrist will treat any person with a foot or lower limb problem. Patients needing this service can access Podiatry Service through their Doctor or a member of the Primary Care Team, District Nurse, Health Visitor, or Medical Consultant.

NHS Podiatry Services are unable to provide cosmetic nail trimming service for those able to trim their own nails.

What can we provide?

As Podiatrist we play a key role in many specialist services and form part of a multi-disciplinary team.

We provide services for:


Diabetic patients who are referred to the Podiatrist will no longer be seen at SunnyBank Medical Centre. Diabetic Foot Assessments are now held at The Willows Medical Centre, Highfield Health Centre, Allerton Medical Centre or Wilsden Medical Centre.

For enquires regarding Diabetic Foot Assessment appointments please contact Adam on 01274 322748

  • Rapid access foot ulcer services supported by a Diabetologist and Vascular Surgeon, with close links to the orthotist/appliance service
  • Support GP’s in Primary Care Settings, mini clinics and satellite clinic, assessing and diagnosing foot pathology and advising on treatment plans


We play a key role in the Rheumatology Team.

  • Within the hospitals, providing treatment, shoe and appliance advice, and foot health education.
  • Within the community setting we provide palliative care

Minor Surgery

As state registered practitioners, our Podiatrist currently provide a nail surgery service using local anaesthesia to treat abnormal or ingrowing nails. We have plans to develop an electro-surgery service


We provide an extensive gait analysis service working as a multi-disciplinary team assessing and manufacturing orthotics for biochemical abnormalities

Health Promotion

Because Podiatry impacts on all aspects of disease management we are committed to Health Promotion. We have a team of Podiatrist able to provide up to date relevant patient and professional information in a wide variety of settings

Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

As part of our multi-disciplinary approach to care, we provide full Podiatry Services to both Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Directorates

Local Clinics

Foot health clinics are to be found throughout the city in health centres or GP surgeries to provide advice and treatment

Day Centres & Homes

We also provide Podiatry Services to patients attending day care, or living in residential and nursing homes. We provide a comprehensive care, training programme supporting the staff within these areas.

Rehabilitation Centres

Podiatrist work with the rehablitation teams in both outpatient and hospital settings to assess the needs of those for whom health changes have necessitated a lifestyle change.


For those unable to visit their local clinic. Patients may access transport clinics or home visits are available for the truly housebound.


We are committed to caring for all the people of Bradford. We provide a Podiatry Service to the homeless shelter and Salvation Army.